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THE BLACK-OWNED BUSINESS PLANNER/A CEO DNA BLUEPRINT strives to help entrepreneurs break down their personal/business strategies, so they can develop their business goals in an actionable content to start a well-executed plan, build and scale a successful business.

We at Franchising While Black believe overnight success takes about twenty years to transpire. With that being said, we have interviewed over several dozen practitioners in almost every industry and category of business who have either built and or the CEO of successful 9,8,7 figure businesses for the last several decades. They have shared with the Franchising While Black team their highs, lows, mistakes, obstacles, and valuable insight. This has been a great support to the development of The Black-Owned Business Planner/A CEO DNA BLUEPRINT.

Our main mission for publishing The Black-Owned Business Planner/A CEO DNA Blueprint is to prepare, identify, evaluate, and inspire, entrepreneurs to build and grow a successful business in hopes of creating generational wealth. We hope to accomplish this through you owning your personal Black-Owned Business Planner/A CEO DNA BLUEPRINT, engage in our disguised/non-traditional planner which will make it applicable to the real world of business. It is our intent that this Business Planner becomes your step-by-step guide to developing a successful outcomes, assessments, as well as how to create and act on growth. If studied and implemented with a systemic approach, this guide will help you sustain and realign your existing business goals.

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Sharing Stories

We're passionate about amplifying the undiscovered voices of franchise owners and workers across the country. As a media outlet, we offer articles, podcasts, and videos in which we explore the motivational journeys of successful franchisees just like you. You'll learn everything about their stories, including how they got started, how they secured funding, and how they found success as an underrepresented voice in a thriving field.

Providing Resources

Whether you're an experienced franchise owner or a newcomer to the field, you can rely on us for the support you need to navigate the franchising world successfully. Minorities from all walks of life come to us for advice, guidance, advertising opportunities, and franchise directories. We even work with national and local platforms to help franchises attract diverse and top-level talent. At Franchising While Black, we're committed to strengthening relationships, creating opportunities, and empowering African-American voices.

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